01.We build advanced interfaces to browse through the complexity of a data world.

02.We imagine artworks and spaces which welcome visitors and motivate conversation.

03.We generate visual design with algorithms

Connected action commons

Narrating cultural action using data visualization tools. New ways of accountability for cultural projects based on collaborative networks.

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How machines see
Museo Nacional Ciencia Tech

Interactive installation where participants explore and play computer vision algorithms.

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Curriculum browser tool

Our client, a spanish public university, was looking for a new tool able to display interrelated information in an attractive and different way, as a complement to their previous web pages.

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AMICa Advanced Mapping of Industrial Capabilities for Climate
DTU Technical University of Denmark

Interface based on Sankey diagrams using data from neo4j graph databases. Data comes from an extensive semantic analysis of scientific publications and patents. The goal is to detect opportunities in the field of biofuels.

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(Programmable) Light facade
Abanca (bank)

Visuals driven by sound on a customized digital media facade.

Data Sculpture

3D data sculptures using realtime information. Unfortunately our commercial projects are "secret".


Interactive installation about the Millennium Development Goals

Doctors of the world-spain Yearly Report
Médicos del mundo

A platform for the online publication of the annual report.


We adapt methodology in each project, building upon participativedesign and a special concern for user experience.

Communication consultancy through data

We help your oganisation to extract knowledge from data for an easier understanding and communication

Customized interfaces to browse through complex information

Design and develop custom solution to browse and explore complex datasets of connected information.


Immersive and interactive installations for discovery, dissemination and learning in museums and public spaces .

Data-art and generative contents

Digital content in big screens adapted to special contexts and audiences, using new media and cutting-edge technology.
We use information and data as building blocks to create and animate interactive digital data sculptures.

Sergio Galán .

Interaction designer, creative coder. Ready for anything

Alfredo Calosci .

Design, code teach... for communication

Guillermo Casado .

Science artist between the museum and the street.


We are in madrid, we work worldwide

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About the background artwork:

Madrid city publishes real time traffic data .

  • White dots are the measurement stations distributed within the city represented in their real location.
  • Each green dot over the station represents a traffic intensity of 200 vehicles/hour